About Us

The Story of Leen & Lou

I created Leen & Lou to serve a simple purpose, to provide easily accessible clothes for moms in every stage of motherhood. Every stage of motherhood means for moms growing tiny humans (regardless of trimester stage), for moms that are nursing, and for postpartum bodies (sizes small - 3x). 

As a mom, I struggled to find maternity clothes that fit me and weren't skin tight or so big I looked/felt like a beached whale - something I know every mom will relate to. I thought the struggle with clothing would resolve after birth; well, I was wrong. Along with breastfeeding came the battle of finding seasonally appropriate tops and dresses that had easy breast access without exposing my entire body while also helping me learn to appreciate and love the postpartum body shape I now had. After over a year of breastfeeding, struggling to find nursing friendly clothes in Mississippi, and hearing from other moms battling the same struggles, I decided to create Leen & Lou.

Named after my two grandmothers, Earleen and Anna Lou, the styles carried by Leen & Lou should make it easy to dress in outfits that instill confidence; regardless of if your child is two months old or twenty years old.

xoxo -

Alexandra Baladi 

Founder of Leen & Lou 

Proverbs 31:29